Pink And Green

Whippin it out... wow. I had this cake on the calendar for over a month and then the day before it was due I looked and went AAHH! It didn;t have a design with it, just a cute birthday cake to serve 35. So, here's cute for 35!


my2kidsmom Says... 7 years ago

Great Cake! How did you attach the fondant (I'm assuming it's fondant) bow to the center of the tier without it sliding?

aligotmatt Says... 7 years ago

vodka! Seriously, I rub it on the back of my fondant pieces and it makes them very sticky and gooey, then just hold it on for about 2 minutes and they join together forever.

my2kidsmom Says... 7 years ago

Is the cake iced in BC with fondant accents or all fondant?

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