Hungry Jacks Fairy Close Up

Close up of the Hungry Jacks fairy ... I tried to copy the fairy from the invite. The only thing I altered was the hair, to make her a little more interesting. The flat hair looked a little boring. Took ages to make the fairy, especially when my daughter kept poking holes in it and eating bits! Grrrrrr!


jules06 Says... 7 years ago

She's beautiful !! I love her hair , how did you do her face ?

prillyork Says... 7 years ago

She looks awesome!! Love the hair!!

dreamykittykat Says... 7 years ago

Thanks. The face was painted on with food colouring. The darker shade avove the eys and the whites of the eyes are fondant.

ceshell Says... 7 years ago

WOW! 8O You really nailed it. She's awesome.

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