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Fire Truck on Cake Central

I made this for my son's 5th birthday. I used a toy fire truck and some pictures from the internet for inspiration. I also looked at nearly every fire truck cake on cc! I carved the cake from a 9x13 and covered it in fondant. All of the details are fondant except for the ladder which is royal icing. I wanted to add some more little details, but I was just too tired to do anymore.

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I've been watching for fire trucks for a while because my brother is a paramedic and I want to make him a fire truck for his bday in April and this one is AWESOME!!!! You did a fantastic job!!


Wouldn't you agree after making this one that it will cost an arm and leg if any customers want this same cake? LOL I thoroughly enjoyed making mine, but I swore that I never needed to do another one again!


my favorite of the details are the RI ladder and the dragees on the wheels and side. what a lucky kid.


looks awesome!! did you find it easy or harder to cover in fondant? or did you cover it in difference pieces? i'm hoping my attempt wont tear or crease in weird areas and just lay and cover the cake nicely??  any suggestions :)

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