Princess Gracie

Half of pillow is cheesecake cake, half is devil's food Delight covered in fondant. Scrolls painted w/ silver lustre dust & vodka. Border is gumpaste painted w/ pink orchid lustre dust. Roses are deep purple (photo makes them look blue.) Leaves painted w/ emerald lustre dust. Scepter is gumpaste w/ cookie stick wrapped in ribbon. Detail is RI painted w/ silver lustre. Tiara is RI adorned w/ jewels & fondant pearls w/ silver lustre. Plaque is gumpaste w/ RI script painted w/ pink orchid lustre.


Shyanne_Mommy Says... 7 years ago

beautiful, stunning, I could keep going!

yaadie Says... 7 years ago

really nice...!!!pretty..!!

karateka Says... 7 years ago

My favorite pillow cake yet! Do you have a template you are willing to share for that tiara?

Misdawn Says... 7 years ago

I have included the template for the tiara in the Patterns, Templates, and Sketches gallery for anyone who would like to use it.

CakeDiane Says... 7 years ago

This is beautiful!!! I love the scrolls on the pillow and the pink border around the edges! Princess Gracie is a lucky girl!

brattinamjc Says... 7 years ago

this is gorgeous! i love the pattern on pillow and all u're little touches. may i ask is that writing freehand or a kind of stencil? ty

Misdawn Says... 7 years ago

I printed out the words on the computer then I placed it over the piece of gumpaste and used a needle to poke tiny holes along the letters. Then I just traced over the holes with RI.

lovescakes Says... 7 years ago


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