Love Is....

Fondant covered cake. First attempt at sugarveil for writing... traced a computer printed page of writing, then attempted to put it on the cake... airbrused it, dusted it... applied it, and slowly all the words are falling off due to humidity, we think.... Nice while it lasts! multi color ribbon and piping gel border.


suesweet Says... 7 years ago

Oooh. Pretty! Nice Job.

Cakenicing4u Says... 7 years ago

if you can't see it that well... the second row says husbands, love your wives. the bottom has the Love is verse, then Love is friendship set on fire... today I marry my friend,

Cakenicing4u Says... 7 years ago

also things like I Do, Love, Cherish, Protect, filled in the gaps... and you could use whatever writing you want-- vows, etc.

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