This is my very first wedding cake ever!! It was a complete disaster. I had the supports right but it was just a very bad decorating day. After zero sleep from staying up all night long to finish this, the end result was pretty decent. The bride and groom were happy! It is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and redvelvet cake with creamcheese icing.


jackmo Says... 7 years ago

looks great to me!!!

MissRobin Says... 7 years ago

Looks beautiful, especially for a first!! Be proud! What is the cake sitting on?

shelbycompany Says... 7 years ago

The cake is sitting on glass bathroom blocks from lowes

janine1972 Says... 7 years ago

its lovely

PaulaT Says... 7 years ago

We are our own worst critics - this is lovely especially for your 1st. Take it easy on yourself. :wink:

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