Peacock Feather Explosion

This one took alot of planning. French Vanilla cake with Pistachio filling and vanilla buttercream icing. Top tier is a dummy iced in the buttercream. Then the 150 or so peacock feathers exploding out of the top. It was really very pretty and was a great focal point at the reception.


toodlesjupiter Says... 7 years ago

This is really cool. Did you coat the stems of the feathers, or just insert them into the cake? Are they real feathers? Just curious. I love peacock feathers but didn't know how to incorporate them.

gma1956 Says... 7 years ago

The top tier is a dummy with a hole in the middle. Yes they are real feathers and no the quills are not cut. I stuck them through the hole in the cake dummy, It looked like they were stuck through the cake, a great effect.

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