A Bottle Of Nail Polish

This is a bottle of nail polish requested by the birthday girl for her manicure/pedicure sleepover she was having. It's strawberry cake w/buttercream filling covered in Satin Ice. The picture really doesn't do the cake or the colors justice. It was a hot pink with silver dust sprayed over to give it shimmer. Sheer purple ribbon around the top and bottom with a little touch of fondant roses here and there to make it a little more 'girly-girl'. She screamed when she saw it, she loved it so much!


JulieB Says... 7 years ago

The scream is understandable. This is way cute, just adorable.

becky27 Says... 7 years ago

i would have screamed too!!! this cake is spectacular!!!!! job well done!!!!

CarolAnn Says... 7 years ago

That's just darling! How very creative and fun. I'd love to have seen her reaction. Good job!!

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