Belly Dress And Blocks

MMF covered cakes (top of blocks are BC), fondant decorations, GP/fondant bow and baby sandals (see close up pic in My Photos and template)
Bust: mini wonder mold and egg pan
Blocks: 10" x 2.5" high square cake, quartered. Each block is 2 quarters on top of each other.


Raggedygal Says... 7 years ago

This is just too sweet. What a beautiful idea & a great job!

cheferyn Says... 7 years ago

These are so cute! Could you please email me the instructions and pattern in English? I would so appreciate it. my email is Thanks a bunch!

YALANTZI Says... 7 years ago

they are so cute you did a wonderful job

Reecie Says... 7 years ago


sisita Says... 7 years ago

8O Estan fermosas....

cocoa2 Says... 7 years ago

They are very nice so how can i get the instruction in english...

womanzano Says... 7 years ago


nimsi Says... 7 years ago

:D estan bellas y adorables,buen trabajo!!

adamswife Says... 7 years ago

Precioso! Me encanta el detalle de las sandalitas de bebe! BTW, gracias por compartir el patrón! :D

CakeDesigns Says... 7 years ago

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to translate the instructions in English when I do I'll post the link here. In the meantime you can follow the instructions for the baby booties posted on this site. The difference will be the sandal closure (the strip) and that you don't have to brush with glue the front of the sole just the side where the top of the sandal will go.

cocoa2 Says... 7 years ago

Can you email me the instructions to in English...thanks you

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