Tiara And Pillow

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This is my first pillow cake and I am pleased with it. I learned a lot and I think next time things will go much smoother. I don't love the color combination but I donated it to an organization. Each color represents a quality they strive to have. Anyway, it was a fun cake to make. It is fondant with handpainted decorations. The tiara is made with gumpaste. Thanks for looking!

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Very nice work! Especially if this is your first time!! Great job.. .How do you make the crown out of GUMPASTE?? I know how to do it out of Royal Icing only


I make the gumpaste crown whith GP and a clay gun. I make each piece one at a time and then place it on a round canister laying on its side. I start with the base of the tiara and then start adding the details. It breaks easy though because the pieces are so fine.

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