Initimate Wedding

this woman wanted something for her bf's 3rd wedding. she didn't want anything extravagant and only wanted to feed 12 friends and family members. gumpaste calla lillies. all in all, it turned out good (it's leaning a bit in this pic). tfl!


stampinron Says... 7 years ago did you do your bottom border? It doesn't look like a standard running bead border.

cocobean Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful! Nicely done!

jwong9664 Says... 7 years ago

thanks yall ;) stampiniron, i used a #10 tip and the icing was a bit warm i guess b/c it wasn't meant to be different lol! i just did a pearl border but went up bit more up and down than normal. thanks for asking though, i hadn't even noticed!

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