Shrek With Balloons And Cookie Head

This is a cake I did for my son. He's 2 and loves Shrek. I spelled out his name in cookie balloons and frosted over real ribbons that were tied to them. Shrek's head is also one big cookie. There are little frosting slugs that border the cake.


cakegirl68 Says... 7 years ago

great detail... I love the cookies detail :D

lovetrujillo Says... 7 years ago

where did you find the cookie cutters for this it is awesome but ive never seen cutters like that

Aubrey2007 Says... 7 years ago

Sure. What I do, and I did this with my Elmo cookie head too, is I go online and find a picture of the character I like, then I blow it up and print it out on my computer. I roll out my cookie dough and put the cut out picture on top and go around it with a knife. I roll my dough out onto the cookie sheet, so I jut pull of the excess and then throw it in the oven. :D

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