Green Truffle

Hi sugar friends!
Another John Henry floral book cake! (1 to go :-) They flew florists in from all over to do the floral work. I did get to place the truffles on this cake, I might add, it's VERY difficult to do this without getting cocoa on your cake, so keep that in mind if you sell this design. I would knock all and any excess off. I placed them on toothpicks to assure they wouldn't roll away. Questions, please e-mail:
Jennifer Dontz - Traveling Sugar Art Teacher


Wiltonlady Says... 7 years ago

Absolutely breathtaking.

terrier Says... 7 years ago

Just BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it! BEAUTIFUL!!! :D You are a great... better than great cake artist! You work is so prefect! I love the colours of this cake much like the colours in your pear cake....BEAUTIFUL! :D

Winter1979 Says... 7 years ago

As always, absolutely gorgeous. I'll be sad to see the last one, I have been looking forward to seeing these each day. I wish I didn't live at the end of the earth so I could learn from someone like you! :lol: :wink:

Hookste Says... 7 years ago

Stunning! I absolutely love it. Excellent work!

dominique26 Says... 7 years ago

Spectacular! Your work and talent are amazing!!!

getfrosted Says... 7 years ago

Jennifer, every cake you create is a masterpiece! They are breathtaking and flawless! I too am sorry to hear that there is only one more to come - each day I'm in awe!

JenniferMI Says... 7 years ago

Like I said on the green truffle cake post - I have LOTS of my real cakes that I haven't posted yet, so I won't be going away anytime soon! LOL! Glad you've all enjoyed looking at these!

LisaMaeCakes Says... 7 years ago


janine1972 Says... 7 years ago

wonderful cake, i've often wanted to a cake with truffles, thanks for the tip

AnythingSugar Says... 7 years ago

Another beautiful creation

AnythingSugar Says... 7 years ago

Hit enter by mistake LOL ...Your cakes are beyond words. You are so very talented. I have enjoyed looking at each one. Please post more!!

Eshed Says... 7 years ago


Candyce0928 Says... 7 years ago

Well, well, well, look who decided to FINALLY come back. You are lucky that this cake is FANTASTIC, otherwise, I might not have forgiven you. :D

FarberFamily Says... 7 years ago

love Love LOVE it! keep them coming!!!

JenniferMI Says... 7 years ago

Forgiven ME???? Candyce, you started it!!! LOL!

JenniferMI Says... 7 years ago

LisaMae -- ROFLOL!

stellastarchild Says... 7 years ago

Wow, looks yummie!

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