Bob The Builder

The construction hat is done using half of the ball pan. It is covered in buttercream with fondant details. The bill of the hat is done in gumpaste. The top cake is covered in buttercream with the hills done in fondant. The characters are all done with gumpaste. The bottom cake is done in buttercream. The tool belt is done with fondant, and the tools are made with candy melts and brushed with silver luster dust.

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WOW What an awesome cake!!! I love all of the details!! Super Great Job!!!! Please give more details on what the characters are made from.


Your detail on this cake is amazing, how did you do the nuts and bolts, your tools look stunning!! Have an autistic grandson in Ireland who would adore this cake! [email protected]


Love your cake. Your detail work is awsome!!!!! How did you make Bob and the worker. Please forward instruction [email protected] Keep up the Great work

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