Tray Of New Years Eve Centerpieces

mostly pulled and blown sugar, pastilage.


SweetResults Says... 7 years ago

Holy cow! Amazing! Someday I really hope to be able to invest so I can learn sugar work! Just lovely!

lanibird Says... 7 years ago

Wow. Just beautiful!

tigerlilly Says... 7 years ago

amazing!! How did you learn to do work like this?

MelZ Says... 7 years ago

Very Cool!!!

allcake247 Says... 7 years ago

very nice pastilage work. I went to culinary school too. When I saw your first peice, I knew that your

allcake247 Says... 7 years ago

pull sugar work was done by someone who had real knowledge of sugar work. Its not normal to see a home decorator with those kinds of skills. Great job.

pstry8 Says... 7 years ago

The French Pastry School in Chicago taught me how to do this...if you like my stuff you should see theirs, your gonna throw rocks at my stuff compaired to theirs'

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