3D Truck For Chad

The client wanted a replica of her son's groom's cake except to make it with flat tires (or worn out). I flattened the tires and put a crack in the front windsheild. I carved it from the Wilton 3D Cruiser pan. (Member of Critique Group. All critiques are welcome.)


brattinamjc Says... 7 years ago

great joib!

Tramski Says... 7 years ago

Critique Group member: Awesome job! I love the red color and the details of the flattened tires and cracked windshield are too funny! Your windshield is so smooth I would have liked to see the whole truck smooth, other then that I really like it

practiceandpatience Says... 7 years ago

critique subgroup member: Great Job! Nice clean lines, everything is so level which is so hard with carved cakes!! I would like to know the structure system you use to lift the truck off the board for the extra 3D look!

cakemommy Says... 7 years ago

Critique subgroup member: I love this. I was about ready to say something about the tires but then read your description and wah!!!!! They turned out perfectly! I love that you did this all in stars.The window shapes are all so crisp and the front grill looks great as well!

FromScratch Says... 7 years ago

Critique Group Member: The concept is great! I think the stars make it a bit busy though. I love the way you did the cake board so that it really looks like it's free standing. I did that with my firetruck cake and it was a pain.. :lol:.

jadak Says... 7 years ago

critique group member: You did a fantastic job making this the right shape. I love that it is suspended. The cracked windshield and flat tires are a hoot. I think it would look great smooth (not piped with stars), but I certainly appreciate the effort it took to achieve what you did. Great colors too. I like the board, but some letters (especaiily the A's) look a little different than the others. Overall, a very nice job.

tiptop57 Says... 7 years ago

Critique subgroup member: This cake is awesome and I can't find anything to critique and I looked. :D

Steady2Hands Says... 7 years ago

Thanks everyone! I was so tempted to make the icing smooth but the original groom's cake had stars piped on it and that's what the client wanted (for it to look like her son's grooms cake).

Steady2Hands Says... 7 years ago

practiceandpatience ~ the structure is built with foamcore. I have 3 small pieces taped down the length of the board and then each of the wheels are also providing suppport. I cut them in a circle shape from foamcore. Then I sliced them in half from top to bottom to the midway point and removed one portion.

Steady2Hands Says... 7 years ago

Then I secured each wheel to the board with toothpicks and just set the cake on top of the wheels. For added stability I put a dowel through the center of the truck which stuck through the small foamcore piece in the middle that was attached to the board with tape. When looking under the truck all anyone could see is the 3 small pieces of foamcore in the middle.

Daisys_Cakes Says... 7 years ago

Critique group member: Very nice! All the details look great! My only critique is the board looks a little wierd, kind of like it's dented.

sylly Says... 7 years ago

critique group member: I love the contrast of the star tip with the smooth BC on the windshield and windows. You did an incredible job on the flat tires! The grill looks great as well. Lastly, I like the color of red you achieved. Wonderful cake!

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