Snowman Wedding Cake

What a disaster!!!! I knew this would be difficult from the time I took the order. It came together ok but the middle layer slid on the way and I had to do my best at the reception site to finish it. It is White almond sour cream cake, bottom layer with almond bc, middle with alomond filling, top with raspberry. Frosted with almond buttercream, fondand and gumpaste accents.


carooch Says... 7 years ago

Its very adorable ! Hopefully it will stay together and you will get all the credit you deserve ! Very festive!!

indydebi Says... 7 years ago

It really does look fabulous! Can't tell at all that it was a near-disaster! Ya dun good!

vrmcc1 Says... 7 years ago

beautiful job

sailers2 Says... 7 years ago

It's really cute! You gotta love snowmen!!!

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