Nativity Cake

Made this for the children's church's Birthday Party for Jesus. The idea was borrowed from Eight, so I take no credit for the design. The humans, stars and cow are all fondant, and the cakes are all iced in chocolate and vanilla BC. The dirt path is crushed Nilla wafers, the stable and manger are made from pretzel sticks with fondant boards, the straw is dyed coconut shavings, and the sheep are fondant bases with BC "wool." Aine2's hands tutorial was INVALUABLE in making this. Seriously.


Eight Says... 7 years ago

I like how you made close up of the details. You truly did a wonderful job. I bet everyone was in awh and didn't want to cut it. :)

susanscakebabies Says... 7 years ago

Great job. Wonderful detail!!

bakerj Says... 7 years ago

lovely job...

mieyo Says... 7 years ago

Thank you so much! And unfortunately, no, no one did want to cut it, so I'

mieyo Says... 7 years ago

Oops! I fat-fingered the enter key by accident. Anyway, I'm taking it back for the Christmas Eve service tonight, to see if I can get rid of it.

dawndelicious Says... 7 years ago

I love how you used the stand. I also have that Wilton stand, but never quite know how to use it! Fantastic job! I love this cake!

mieyo Says... 7 years ago

Again, that idea came from Miss Eight, because I bought this for my wedding, and had no idea how to use it outside of that.

aine2 Says... 7 years ago

Fabulous work. This is an incredible tribute to Eight's design, you should be very proud. I particulary like the hands! :wink: :lol:

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