jlo6024 Says... 7 years ago

These are gorgeous! Great Job!!

THESUGARCOW Says... 7 years ago

:? did you shape they candy melt in the ball pan? and add it on top? they look so nice

Shelly4481 Says... 7 years ago

Great job, those are sooo pretty!

sweetcakes Says... 7 years ago

wow, these are stunning. so real.

justsweet Says... 7 years ago

great job

LisaMaeCakes Says... 7 years ago

These are really good. I can't wait to try these one day!

Shannia Says... 7 years ago

this is really beautiful they look so real, how did you get these ornaments to be so perfetly shaped did u used a mold? it can't be hand shape they all look the same size and have a perfect round shape, i love the colors u used and the designs,i like everything about these ornaments, plss let me know if you used a mold, thanks for sharing your beautiful creative work of art. :D :wink: :D

Shannia Says... 7 years ago

and is going into my favorites, because they deserve it. thanks for sharing :D

osorio Says... 7 years ago

Thanks everyone for your beautiful comments for the cupcakes. I used a silicone mold in the shape of half ball and then brushed with luster powder.

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