This was for a Smurf themed couples shower. The base is a 9x13 double. The mushroom house is made from a 6 round double that was carved just a bit to give the roundness at the top and the roof was made from a RKT covered in fondant. Fondant decorations. Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream


Shannia Says... 7 years ago

i love those little mushrooms and the color you gave them they so cute :D :D

Shannia Says... 7 years ago

i have to add them to my favorite to look at them so cute :wink:

jennifer7777 Says... 7 years ago

I LOVE the Smurfs!! Great job! You've brought back memories of how I used to want to live in the Smurfs' village.

JenLen Says... 7 years ago

La la, la-la la -a, la la -a la laaaa! Aahh, the good ol' cartoons....LOVED the Smurfs....LOVE you cake!!! Great job!!! Thanks for sharing

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