Pirate Ship Birthday

This was very inspired by all on this site - I only make 1-2 cakes a year - This was my best so far and had to post for 1st time- The base cake is actually brownies as my daughter doesn't like cake and it made a good base - ship is marble cake - I took alot of ideas from everyone here, the only thing I added myself was to do the ships sails and railing using chocolate melts free form - I used lollipop sticks for the sails and 3D'd everything by turning it over after it was hard and doing the other side


JenniferMI Says... 7 years ago

This is FANTASTIC! You would be very proud!!!!

JenniferMI Says... 7 years ago

oops....should be very proud! :-)

funlovinmom Says... 7 years ago

great job! I love it!

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