Eeyore16 Says... 7 years ago

how did you do the chocolate transfer. I am trying to find optimus cake decorations and this is the most beautiful I have seen. Can you help me with the info. Thanks so much in advance. :roll:

mommachris Says... 7 years ago

he matter what era he's from. Great Job!

kden3980 Says... 7 years ago

your chocolate transfers are flawless, well done :D

MikeRowesHunny Says... 7 years ago

Thanks Eeyore, I just googled 'transformer coloring pages' and went from there - be warned though that they nearly all come from the 80s, as I've now found out! The birthday boy loved it, so it doesn't seem to matter!

butterflywings Says... 7 years ago

LOVE it! Hubby would totally dig the retro optimus.. and the kids knew immediately when they saw this!

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