Poinsettias For Christmas

6 and 8" rounds tapered to the bottom, 5 and 7" gumpaste poinsettias, hand rolled pearls, gold piping on fondant. swaravski crystals hanging on wire. sorry for the bad lighting, i was tired.


MimiFord Says... 7 years ago


allydav Says... 7 years ago

Stunning! Those poinsettias are amazing!

confectioneista Says... 7 years ago

This is a beautiful cake. You did a great job on the poinsettias.

snowshoe1 Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful! I especially love your poinsettias - some of the nicest I've seen. Did you use a commercial template? The centers are fantastic also!

melysa Says... 7 years ago

thank you, i actually did not have any cutters or veiners so i ad-libbed. i used a pizza cutter and a roll of floral wire to impress the lines. for the centers i made an upside down teardrop shape of gp on a wire and used scissors to snip at it. dipped them in color and dry dusted, added glitter. wired and taped them. thank you!

cakemommy Says... 7 years ago


TheDomesticDiva Says... 7 years ago

This is stunning! Just gorgeous...very elegant!

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