Dad's Tool Cake

Cake I made for my husbands birthday. Chocolate cake with (what I named) black beauty mmf. Chocolate bc between 4 layers. Fun to make. And very happy with how it turned out! Especially happy to finally learn how to make chocolate mmf (thanks to GI giving me the link) and the great gal (sorry can't remember name) who's recipe it was. Thanks for drooling! I mean looking!


GI Says... 7 years ago

wow! 8O You even bent some nails to make it really REALLY look like your dad's been banging things up in the house again! :lol: This is AWESOME! I LUV the name, too Black Beauty MMFondant!!! Totally fits! :D

cocobean Says... 7 years ago

Chocolate mmf recipe from FlowerGirlMN. Thanks!

GI Says... 7 years ago

I put this right into my FAVS, too! Look at that hammer's handle!

FlowerGirlMN Says... 7 years ago

Aw, thanks for the mention! Glad you like the mmf instructions!

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