drgaddy Says... 7 years ago

8O WOW!!! How do you do that with BC? It is adorable, but way out of my league!!! Great!

turnerdmann Says... 7 years ago

Too cute! They are wonderful. Great job :)

SuHwa Says... 7 years ago

I love your work. I wish they still taught buttercream classes of this sort around here.

tastueck Says... 7 years ago

Great BC work! Love your piping skills! Santa and Mrs. Claus are AWESOME!

BCJean Says... 7 years ago

Thank you for your nice comments. If anyone really is interested in how to do these, it really is quite simple, just a matter of steps. I have a photo of the beginnig process on the faces, if anyone is interested in it, just pm me.

divaricks Says... 7 years ago

you can add me to the PM list too please!

BakingGirl Says... 7 years ago

Wow, these are spectacular! I did some similar last week but yours are waaaaaaay better. Love your detail and love the 3D quality. Beautiful. I would love to see a step to step on how you made them.

dragonflydreams Says... 7 years ago

these are FABULOUS . . . add me to your list of PM's :D

NanaNut Says... 7 years ago

Hands down these are the cutest cupcakes ever. They beat any ornament or ... anything. I love old school buttercream art!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these

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