Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Saw a bunch of these on CC and had to try them. Thanks to all those who posted pics of their ornaments for the idea. These were really fun to do and went over really well.


cocoa2 Says... 7 years ago

Nice work....what type of cake pan did you use? :)

ljudd1969 Says... 7 years ago

Thanks, I just used the mini ball pan and put the halves on top of cupcakes.

patrice2007 Says... 7 years ago question are they top heavy? I want to try these but after my cupcake bouquet ordeal I'm a little shy. Your's look great :)

cococakes Says... 7 years ago

Your ornaments are absolutely beautiful. :D

ljudd1969 Says... 7 years ago

Thanks & yes, patrice2007, they are on the top heavy side. I definitely wouldn't recommend them for a CC bouquet. Esp since the top is just kind of sitting there attached w/only a little bit of BC icing. I had one fall completely off as I was sprinkling the little sugar crystals on it! :? The tops tended to slide a little bit while I was decorating them. I probably should have shoved a couple of toothpicks in each one to hold the tops in place. Oh well, live and learn right!?!

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