Christmas Cakes

These were done for DD and her roomate. Choc fudge cake with BC icing and store bought candy cane and gummy santa and snow man. These were a disaster lol having a snow storm here and was bored. Shud have played in the snow instead of the kitchen lol. Good thing they were fun. First time using icing bullets and have to say I love them and will use them from now on


sylly Says... 7 years ago

how wonderfully festive!!!! umm- what are icing bullets? please share :)

darcat Says... 7 years ago

Thank your for your comment main thing is they tasted good and were for fun lol Icing bullets are truly wonderful here is a link to the post about them with a visual (...)

darcat Says... 7 years ago

sorry with a step by step tutorial (...)

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