Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise

My mom and I teamed up on this cake for my birthday. I LOVE Star Trek: TNG. I cut the Enterprise out of gray Wilton fondant and painted it using thinned icing coloring. I cut the words Star Trek out of blue fondant and my mom wrote the words "The Next Generation" because I wanted it done neatly and I couldn't write very neatly with icing back then. =) The cake is covered in buttercream and sprayed with black Wilton color mist.


monichan16 Says... 7 years ago

ditto to the missy above me but have to say i like voyager better than next generation, sorry :D lol GO NERDS! yesh though i've seen all of star trek every kind vayager next generation and others like 4 times thanks to my fathers..but thass okay! props:D

Daisys_Cakes Says... 7 years ago

Very cool! I have never seen start trek but the space ship looks great! ;-D

RoseCitySugarcraft Says... 7 years ago

Nice work! I'm a huge Trek fan myself, so when I saw the Enterprise-D, I HAD to comment :) Kudos to you ;-D

Theresa50 Says... 7 years ago

you two did a great job.. also one of my favs..

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