pidge Says... 7 years ago

Thanks everybody! The sparkly stuff is from Wilton (or something like that). I LOVE using it -- really brings an okay cake up a notch! :wink: Indydebi -- I use the "pin-prick" method to get an idea of where to write. I love calligraphy and "scrolly things" but being left-handed makes is necessary to use a guide. :D

dustymorris Says... 7 years ago

Did you put the sparkles on before the icing crusted or after? I have a wedding shower cake to do next week, and I had planned to use the white cake sparkles from Wilton. Wasn't sure how to use them, cause I do the viva method to smooth out my icing. Thanks!

lish1904 Says... 7 years ago

so beautiful

indydebi Says... 7 years ago

I"m very envious of your handwriting skill! Beautiful! My favorite part is how the vines roll out from the leaves.... they really add a fine point of decor outside of the standard flower-n-leaves. Good detail!

dustymorris Says... 7 years ago

Gorgious!!!! They got a great cake!! I love it!!

dustymorris Says... 7 years ago

If you don't mind my asking...what did you put on it to make is sparkle?

Boofycakes Says... 7 years ago

beautiful work! i love the sprays of flowers. are the sparkles that edible glitter? I have some similar stuff from wilton.

Eshed Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful! You did a great job.

prettypinkroses Says... 7 years ago

what tip did you use for the leaves

TheCakerator Says... 7 years ago

it looks great!

TheCakerator Says... 7 years ago

it looks great, your writing is so well done!

pidge Says... 7 years ago

dustymorris -- I use the spinkles right after I have smoothed the cakes (Viva) and before it is completely dry. They will kind of soak into the cake if you do them the night before ... and you can always keep sprinkling them on! :D

pidge Says... 7 years ago

prettypinkroses -- I used a tip 101. :) I have another pansy cake and I used a 104 ... I liked it better but my gardening sister liked the look of the 101. :? So, I guess you can choose a look!

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