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A six inch New York Cheesecake, wrapped with a snowflake chocolate transfer, topped with chocolate ruffles. I bought the Girouette on Amazon, and used the mold to make my own chocolate round.

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its beautiful. i love the sugar sprinkled on top. i bought one of the ruffles months ago and keep forgetting to use it! (what a shame) ...nice job on your transfer too.


So beautiful. I would love to know how to make the ruffles. Would you share the directions? :)

on have to buy a ruffler. I ordered mine from Amazon. It's called a Girouette. I made a chocolate round with the mold that came with it, then you just turn the crank for ruffles!


Jodie it came out so pretty! Good for you, your ruffles are fine. Did you temper the chocolate first? It does make a big difference.


Shirley...I never would have known you could make such things without seeing your awesome cakes first! :D Yes, I did temper the chocolate, or I followed the directions to temper the chocolate! I'm guessing, like anything else, I'll get better with practice! I did buy pretty expensive chocolate too.

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