Thanksgiving Flower Cookies

Made these to take to a family get together over Thanksgiving weekend. Made a total of 24. A modified NFSC recipe with buttercream. Used a flower petal tip for the flower and the grass tip for the center of flower.


practiceandpatience Says... 7 years ago

very nice! you did a great job piping these flowers! nice rich fall colors!

sylly Says... 7 years ago

I think these are awesome! Nice pizazz and the colors are wonderful! Pic could be a little more clear though so that we can enjoy them better! :wink:

handymama Says... 7 years ago

These are just lovely!

tljkids Says... 7 years ago

These are beautiful! What tip number was used on the petals?

JRAE33 Says... 7 years ago

Thank you for the nice comments. I used wilton tip # 104.

auntginn Says... 7 years ago

I like your design and its so 3d looking, great for cookies, however some of the petals on the flowers seem to swirl as in a circular motion, I'm not sure if you meant for it to go that way. Maybe next time you may trying pulling straight out. Colores are great as well, perfect for the holiday.

ronniefay Says... 7 years ago

looks yummy

snowshoe1 Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful piping work and nice theme / colors.

sweets4you Says... 7 years ago

really cute!

tiptop57 Says... 7 years ago

JRAE33 I decided to go in and start commenting on your pieces while we work out details of our group. These are really nice. Your loops are lovely. On the orange I think I'd use a green middle for more contrast and maybe a bit bigger middle next time. Well done! ;-D

Steady2Hands Says... 7 years ago

Critique Group Member: Those are really cute. I bet they brought a smile to everyones faces.

Tramski Says... 7 years ago

I definitely like how the clors play off each other and they look like flowers. I almost thought they were cupcakes cus they look so fluffy, not flat like alot of cookie designs

Daisys_Cakes Says... 7 years ago

Critique group member: Cute! I love the colors! THe only critique I can give is to make the centers bigger.

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