Ideas For My Babies 1st Birthday Cake

These are just a couple of sketches/pictures that I made for my son's 1st birthday party set for January. I am in no way done with them, but I figured that I may need some ideas on this one. If you have anything that I might need on here or need to delete, please feel free to post a message/comment. For his little cake, I am going to do a dump truck or a backhoe or something. Thanks in advance for all the advice. And Ideas.


ljdills Says... 7 years ago

Are you planning on using edible images for the tractors?

geri4292adams Says... 7 years ago

actually, I was planning on making the images out of colorflow or royal icng. I'm not completely set on the design, I think I'll change things and make it not so crowded. I am also thinking of making it a square cake, so it might flow alittle bit better.

GenGen Says... 7 years ago

i like the design you have now :)

741mly Says... 7 years ago

It's perfect..I love it :wink:

cassi_g16 Says... 7 years ago

I really like the one with the caution tape around the bottom. But I think I like the road cone topper better. They are both really cute! That's ALOT of cake for a one year old :lol:

lemon_princess352 Says... 7 years ago

the cone topper is a very cute idea! :)

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