mcalhoun Says... 8 years ago

I think the cake is absolutely beautiful! Your fondant is so perfect and your edges are so sharp! I don't see a problem w/ the monogram it looks great to me!

FromScratch Says... 8 years ago

I love the color. I have that in my collection and haven't used it nearly enough. Such a nice blue. The only thing I see with your monogram is that it looks flat on the front. Did you trace it backwards and then invert it? I'd just trace it the right way and not invert it so you get that dimension. I really love the lace look to your fondant ribbons too. Is that a cutter? Bravo again!

CakeDiane Says... 7 years ago

I think it's gorgeous and the monogram looks great! The color is beautiful, the flowers are perfect--just right!

springlakecake Says... 7 years ago

I think it's beautiful!

barbydoll8 Says... 7 years ago

looks fantastic. looks like wedgewood china. Great job

KathleenR Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful. I love the blue, I will have to take a look for that color.

woodthi32 Says... 7 years ago

BAD? Your monogram and your cake are lovely!

nforrest Says... 7 years ago

Very lovely cake! That blue and white are really a nice combination. The monogram certainly looks fine in the picutre. We are always our worst critic! Beautiful work as usual!

cakequeen50 Says... 7 years ago

from this angle, the monogram looks great. You are probably seeing something we aren't and I agree that we are always our worst critic. The cake looks perfectly gorgeous!!!

dabear Says... 7 years ago

I love this color! Your cake is beautiful!

susanscakebabies Says... 7 years ago

So Stunning!!!!

PaulaT Says... 7 years ago

This reminds me of Wedgewood - it's very pretty - the monogram looks just fine. :wink:

torysgirl87 Says... 7 years ago

Oh! So, so beautiful!!! Right to my favorites.

Godiva Says... 7 years ago

No the monogram is not's just poorly done. I was trying to overflow, but it would go overboard and just spill over. This was my last attempt at left it half full. I was never taught how to do this and hadn't practiced beforehand...Girls, do your homework and don't do something crappy like my monogram :wink:

nicoles-a-tryin Says... 7 years ago

Stunning job!!....Everything is gorgeous!!

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