src23 Says... 7 years ago

Can you give me a step by step of what you did? Please! I would have such a happy nephew.

cat_higley Says... 7 years ago

if you are giving steph by steps could i have 1 too please? My son is turning 4 and i been looking on the net for 3 days now for a transformer cake pan cant find one!!!That is awesome

dan1023 Says... 7 years ago

please, send me instructions too! Thanks, this is awesome.

melysa Says... 7 years ago

this is really awesome...what a lucky kid! its a very tasteful way of doing a transformer cake (i made one that was so ugly i didnt even post it!) your color scheme is well chosen and the lines are clean. ;-D

pookster Says... 7 years ago

thanx for the wonderful comments:) all I did was took an image off of google, and printed it off to the size I needed ( this cake is just two slabs together)...then i placed the image over the cake and carved out the basic shape.I then made my fondant and cut out the pieces and laid them on the cake...hope that helped:)

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