Thanksgiving Cake Side By Side

I made two of these. One is pumpkin spice, the other is vanilla. I used creamcheese BC icing.


Lea81 Says... 7 years ago

(...) is the link to the cream cheese icing that I used. Beware... once it crusts over, there's no smoothing it! but it smoothes sooo amazingly easy! I was really impressed with it.

Lea81 Says... 7 years ago

ack, the link didnt post, its (...)

Lea81 Says... 7 years ago

Ok... the link wont post :( search frostings cream cheese, and it's the Decorator's Cream Cheese Frosting

jenscreativity Says... 7 years ago

How did you make the cream cheese b/c icing? Very nice!

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