Super Mario Birthday Cake!

To celebrate my daughter's birthday (and finally finding a Wii), I made this Super Mario cake based on the characters of the Super Mario video games. The characters (Bowser, Princess Peach, Mario, Yoshi, the mushrooms and koopas) are all made out of fondant, and I used the Wilton castle set to help with Princess Peach's castle. The bottom cake is a version of the original Super Marioworld game board.


lovescakes Says... 7 years ago

wow!!! this is really neat! you did a great job, I bet your daughter was thrill!!!

becky27 Says... 7 years ago

holy cow you did a terrific job!!! i have about a million boys in my family how would die if made them this...going to favs!!!!

VannaD Says... 7 years ago

my 3 yr old is oging is going through a mario phase and wants a mario cake for her Bday, i might copy yours! Great Job!

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