My First Disaster Cake

Well taking the first course of Wilton, I decided to make this birthday cake for my hubby and using what I learned the night before. Little did I know my cake would be a decorating disaster lol. I wrote Happy Birthday and his name but since it came out crooked I covered it with stars or what ever you might make of it LOL. Filling was cheesecake which everyone loved the cake anyway, guess they wanted to make me feel good haha!


Linda1059 Says... 7 years ago

:oops: Dont worry continue your practice you can do it

ailika Says... 7 years ago

Oh, never mind the pink candle couldn't find a blue one ! :D

applemint_jackie Says... 7 years ago

tones of blue are beautiful..seems so cooling. anyway, how did u get perfect white buttercream? thank you.

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