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This was a fun cake to make.. and might I add... a learning experience. I didn't let the cake settle before putting on the MMF, I used a weak cake, and my layers weren't sculptured correctly. ARG.. that's what happens when you are tired and rushed. To boot, the road to the party was under MAJOR construction and the cake compressed more and more with every bump. My friend ended up with a leaning Tower of Pisa Beaker. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks to Aine2 for the tips on how to avoid this in the future.

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The top of the cake has a reservoir with a bowl in it. It was filled with water and dry ice was placed inside. Dry ice was added to the mad scientist models beaker as well. Great effect.


I love this cake! It's so cute and kooky. Love the mad scientist, and love what you did w/the dry ice! Cool!

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