Dragon W/ Kiwi Scales

I made this for my son's 3-1/2 birthday party (he's born on Christmas Eve, so we do kids parties for him in the summer instead). I did not want to feed green food dye to a bunch of 2- to 6-year olds, so I resolved to 24 kiwi fruits, sliced to turn into dragon scales. Cake is torted and filled with a variation of pastry cream. After I served the cake, I realized I forgot to put on the wings... oh well.


Katie-Bug Says... 8 years ago

How cute! I love the idea of having the kids party!

Sugar_Plum_Fairy Says... 7 years ago

Very unique idea and exection!

anamado Says... 7 years ago

SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

allydav Says... 7 years ago

so creative!

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