CrystalRain Says... 8 years ago

Awesome! This is actually one of the best I've seen and I didn't even notive the tiara (beautiful design by the way) was crooked until you pointed it out, not that it matters as gorgeous as this cake is. I think it helps to have a thick layer of fondant when you do the quilted look, that way when you indent it automatically looks "poofy" because of the thickness.(Love how you put the birthday message on a crown shaped piece of fondant! That was such a cute detail!)s

Kitagrl Says... 8 years ago

When I indented it, it just made a hole in the fondant instead of pressing it down with a quilted look... :-( Thanks all though you are so nice!

brattinamjc Says... 8 years ago

love the tiara!!

karateka Says... 8 years ago

I think it's really cute. Who's going to look under the cake to criticize? Don't sweat it.

Toniprev Says... 8 years ago

It is fantastic that you even made the tiara... and I can't see where it is crooked. I think you did a lovely job. When I did a cushion cake, I covered one side, and then flipped it over onto cake board to cover top half. Join is then covered up by your rope detail. :D

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