step0nmi Says... 8 years ago


GenGen Says... 8 years ago

OMG Marvin!!! hey where's the ray gun he's always trying to destroy earth with (grins) thats downright fantasticfabulous!!!!!!!1

sylly Says... 8 years ago

lol- thanks! working on the gun!!!

2waystodo Says... 8 years ago

:D This is adorable....

RobzC8kz Says... 8 years ago

Great job!! It appears that you've got the hang of the RKT!!

sylly Says... 8 years ago


practiceandpatience Says... 7 years ago

you do very good fondant work! I too love the way you incorporate the cake board in the design!

Mommyofseven Says... 8 years ago

He is so cute. Great job :)

sylly Says... 8 years ago

thank you! :D

miss_sweetstory Says... 8 years ago

Great detail! Looking forward to seeing final cake! :D

sylly Says... 8 years ago

thanks! I'm looking forward to making it! :)

GeminiRJ Says... 8 years ago

What a wonderful job you did! No one is going to want to eat such a cute decoration!

jsmith Says... 8 years ago

43" long?! That is a huge cake which makes it all the more impressive that it turned out perfect. I love this cake!

LaSombra Says... 8 years ago

oh wow, this is great! You did an awesome job on it!

MrsAB Says... 8 years ago

This is too cute! Great job!

Daisys_Cakes Says... 8 years ago

Oh my gosh that is soooooo cool! LOVE IT! :D

Amanda518 Says... 8 years ago

very very impressive I like a lot

ronniefay Says... 7 years ago

I love it! :o

Tramski Says... 7 years ago

That is one huge cake! You are amazing! Everything looks perfect

tiptop57 Says... 8 years ago

Woohoo, you used the cake board as composition again!!!! Maven is wonderful! Everything is modeled beautifully. But I guess I must not care for grey, cuz that bugs me. Besides looking beautiful, I should want to eat it, but any grey food is unappetising to me. Don't be afraid to change up the color even though this was what it might have been in the cartoon.

KlyKat Says... 8 years ago

OMG!!!! He's so cute! You did a fabulous job! Can't wait to see the finished project!

ceshell Says... 7 years ago

Oh Oh Oh How I LOVE this cake! Fave!!!

Annie8 Says... 8 years ago

Oh my gosh. He is absolutely fabulous!!

FromScratch Says... 7 years ago

Critique Group Member: I love Marvin too!! And wow.. such a BIG cake too!!! It's a dead ringer for the real thing and you did a great job with the modeling. :)

erinalicia Says... 8 years ago

I love it! I saw your post earlier when you got Marvin done. Love the end result! Great job!

Steady2Hands Says... 7 years ago

Critique Group Member: Another awesome cake! Wow ~ that was as long as my M&M cake. Fantastic job!

Gweniveer Says... 7 years ago

Definitely a favorite. This cake is amazing!!! :D

Amymnn Says... 7 years ago

This is flawless! My husband would have loved this cake, he's a marvin the martian fan!

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