Rocket And Astronaught

I don't know who to credit with originally making this cake, as I was given a picture by the customer and asked to make it! I used the Wilton football/rugby ball tin and just cut a bit off of one end. It was flatter than I had envisaged, so I made a shallow-ish rectangular cake, put the shaped one on top and cut around, to give the cake more height! Vanilla high density sponge with jam and buttercream, covered with sugarpaste. Edible astronaught made from modelling paste.


Dixiegal01 Says... 8 years ago

This is really cute, I've got a Buzz Lightyear cake to do in a couple weeks and this would be a be a great starting point for me, this is going in my favs for sure, awesome rocket!!

handymama Says... 8 years ago

Very nicely done! Love your cake board.

Eight Says... 8 years ago

This looks fantastic. I really like how you did the fire and the astronaught is so cute. Great work!! :)

brattinamjc Says... 7 years ago

hi! i, too, saw that original pic and u did an amazing job. may i ask, what did u shape the flames around? looks fabulous!

Relznik Says... 7 years ago

Hi brattinamjc ... I just did placed a conical shape of sugarpaste and stuck the flames onto it!

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