Tiger Head

I made this cake for as a show off for a booth I'll have on Friday. There will be around 55 business owners (from every kind of businesses) and we all have little booth to show off our stuff. So I made this tiger head, some cake balls, and cookies. And they make 2 baskets with goodies that people will be able to win, so I made 2 cookie bouquet in Fall colors.


sylly Says... 8 years ago

wow- awesome!!!!

Honeydukes Says... 8 years ago

It's scary and cute at the same time! Well done!

scgriffiths Says... 8 years ago

Oh wow, he's very cool!!

2sdae Says... 8 years ago

wow!!! Pootchie you nailed this one!!!! AWESOME GIRL!!!!

springlakecake Says... 7 years ago

OMG! this is excellent. I have that book and I was scared to try that one. I wish you had a better picture to highlight what a great job you did!

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