hwhite0131 Says... 8 years ago

Thank you! :D

Cyndi1207 Says... 8 years ago

Cool-----thanks so much-----they will be put to great use. :D

jibbies Says... 8 years ago

How would you go about using this?

JaneK Says... 8 years ago

How great!!!! Thanks sooo much.. :)

AlamoSweets Says... 8 years ago

I printed it out on a frosting sheet. Next I laid the rice crispy treat shaped like a box and measured the height. I then cut the strip the height that I would need to cover the rct. I wraped the strip around the rct and trimmed it. It is perfect for a straight sided popcorn box. If you want one that is smaller at the bottom a couple of slits and trimming would be needed.

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