tyty Says... 7 years ago

So cute, you did a great job. I like yours even better.

boricua_mami75 Says... 8 years ago

Great Job - Your transfer are perfect.

MacsMom Says... 8 years ago

I especially like the clouds. The cake sounds delicious!! Are the recipes here at CC?

kendraanne Says... 8 years ago

Great job! So whimsical and pretty!!!

Tweedie Says... 8 years ago

I love your take on this cake. All of the transfers are perfect! Very nice!

crazycakes2007 Says... 8 years ago

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments. The chocolate chip expresso (freckled mocha) cake and filling recipes are from the Whimsical Bakehouse book. It was a tiny bit dense for me, but maybe it was operational error? The orange cake was a real home run, incredible, from The Cake Book by Tish Boyle. I've seen both books at our library. Thanks to everyone here for suggesting frangelico (hazlenut liqueur) for the SMBC! <

belindajax Says... 8 years ago


tyty Says... 8 years ago

Great job, got the book, knew where this idea cake from just by the picture.

rcs Says... 8 years ago

I love it!! Your chocolate transfers are wonderful!!!! :D

psurrette Says... 8 years ago

what a really cute cake you did a snowflake of a job!

Bijoudelanuit Says... 8 years ago

so fun, cheery and festive! I love your snowmen :)

katherine62500 Says... 7 years ago


playingwithsugar Says... 7 years ago

I don't know which I like better, your design or your flavors. Send me your recipes! - Theresa :)

dotart Says... 7 years ago

Very cool

beemarie Says... 7 years ago

You did a fantastic job! I love the WBH recipes AND this cake--I think yours is better in fact!

crazycakes2007 Says... 7 years ago

Whoa, thank you so much. Tyty, beemarie, I have admired both your work for some time, and obviously admire the WBH folks so much too. "Even better?"? Shucks! Cheryl

crazycakes2007 Says... 7 years ago

Wow, thanks playingwithsugar, your stuff is amazing! The chocolate chip mocha cake was from the Whimsical Bakehouse. The cake was good but not fabulous.. a little too dense for me. The filling was great. The orange cake was absolutely lovely, a real homerun, from The Cake Book by Tish Boyle. Hope that helps, and again, thanks everyone for your comments. Cheryl

crazycakes2007 Says... 8 years ago

Forgot to mention, the logo is also a chocolate transfer. Sorry to brag, but I was proud of that one! Thanks again, << Cheryl

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