Broken Window Cookie

This is a cookie I designed for a boy's Bar Mitzvah favor. He has a reputation in the community for breaking windows when he plays baseball. The mother loved the cookie, but has decided not to buy these due to budget restraints. This sample was done using some ready made royal so I could show her the idea. I plan to make one with some Homemade royal so I can post it on my site as a sample of my design ability.


crisseyann Says... 7 years ago

Cute and clever idea!

Copacabanya Says... 7 years ago

I saw your thread as you were working on this design, it turned out so cute! Really clever idea. And you did a fantastic job on it! That stinks that she isn't buying them, but it's her loss!

pastryjen Says... 7 years ago

What a great idea. Well done on the cookie - it looks great!

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