Pagoda Cake

I made this for my Husband's Black Belt Cermony. The roof is Gumpaste, "glued" together with almond bark. The top Cake is a dummy cake (my first). I used Swiss Meringue Buttercream (also a first) and loved it! The doors and windows are also almond bark. I painted all the trim/glue with a mixture if Gold Pearl Dust and peppermint extract so all the gold stuff tasted minty!. Three layers of cake, chocolate, white and carrot, with the buttercream between each layer. The kanji on the roof says "karate".


crisseyann Says... 7 years ago

Amazing cake! Very intricate it! :)

bunnycakes Says... 7 years ago

This cake is absolutely amazing!! Congrats to your DH as well!!

nicolevoorhout Says... 7 years ago

Amazing, looks like a model not a cake, great job!

endymion Says... 7 years ago

Great job! My son (who loves all things Asian) would go gaga for this cake. Thanks for sharing! :)

SugarCoatedCakes Says... 7 years ago

hello!! great work! How did you get the roof to dry in the proper shape? TIA

hubermomof4 Says... 7 years ago

the roof was made of several peices of hardened/dried gumpaste that was rolled out very thin, cut into shapes, dried and then "glued" together. then i just set them against mugs and bowls while the "glue" hardened.

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