TractorDiva Says... 8 years ago

Stunning! Is that all bc? Those cascades of flowers are so precious.

TractorDiva Says... 8 years ago

Meant to add -- love the contrasting basket weave, too. I've only done it with the same colors. This looks so much crisper.

sunflowerfreak Says... 8 years ago

Beautiful cake. I love the colors.

grama_j Says... 8 years ago

I love the more traditional cakes and you captured this beautifully!

Likim Says... 8 years ago

Your cake is beautiful! I love the colors and the classic elegance.

Eshed Says... 8 years ago

Wow!! Gorgeous !So ekegant.

shortNsweet Says... 8 years ago

What a BEAUTIFUL cake!!! The flowers are stunning!

milal Says... 8 years ago

Beautiful cake, it is awesome

indydebi Says... 8 years ago

Now THIS is my style of cake! Middle tier is my favorite!

BakingGirl Says... 8 years ago

Thank you all so much for all your comments. It really means so much, especially since I never thought in a million years I would be able to do anything with a piping bag. I have to give the credit to the teachers at the Wilton School, they are all fantastic, encouraging and extremely patient. I could not reccommend the school enough! plbennet, the cascades are indidual rosebuds which are piped onto wax paper and left to dry before placing on the cake. Tractordiva, everything is RI. Killer on the hands.

cocorum21 Says... 8 years ago


cfrizzy20 Says... 8 years ago

You did a wonderful job! I like the different colors i n your basket weave. I will be that good some day.

padawn71 Says... 8 years ago

wow that is beautiful....:)

cakegal Says... 8 years ago

I love everything you did with this cake...WOW!!! Excellent job! :D

dessert1st Says... 7 years ago

I LOVE your cake! How did you do side detail on the top layer?

sassysden Says... 7 years ago

this is absoultly beautiful

BakingGirl Says... 7 years ago

dessert1st, the top tier decoration is a scroll border which I first traced on (in pencil as this is a dummy, but on a real cake you could do a thin line in icing). Then I went over with a star tip, think it was 16, using e motion where the scroll curves and just tapering out on the straights. Finally I added some small green dots around the curves.

KathysCC Says... 7 years ago

Wow, just lovely! :D

ashea Says... 8 years ago

very nice job. The roses are very good and your basket weaving looks great.

plbennett_8 Says... 8 years ago

Wow! That's gorgeous! Dang...I wanna be able to do that... Are the cascading flowers piped???

Teekakes Says... 8 years ago

Gorgeous! Congrats on getting to attend their Masters Course and learning to make this gorgeous cake! All of your work on it is beautiful!! Are most of the flowers are RI? You must be so proud of this cake and yourself!! :):)

evieg Says... 7 years ago

wow wonderful

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