Tucker's Cars

This was for my youngest son's 2nd birthday party. He LOVES the movie Cars. The bottom is a choc pralines & cream cake w/ cookies & cream mousse. It is suppose to be the town of Radiator Springs. The top is yellow cake w/ strawberry cheesecake mousse filling. It is suppose to be the scenery off of Route 66. The top is suppose to be a like a bilboard w/ a scenic pic. The cake is covered in CBC (bottom also has pralines & cream flavoring in the icing) w/ fondant accents (except cars)


jacquie575 Says... 8 years ago

My son would go crazy for this. What a GREAT idea! :o 8O

youngestdecorator Says... 8 years ago

O MY GOODNESS. It looks so flawless and beautiful. i could look at it all day. Definetly going in my favorites!

Tray2 Says... 8 years ago

Great job...

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