moodswinger Says... 8 years ago

Adorable, Great Job!

JaneK Says... 8 years ago

that is just the cutest thing...they look like they are in a peapod nursery!!! Love it!! :)

nanny4 Says... 8 years ago

So pretty!

mommak Says... 8 years ago

Waaay to cute!!!!

SweetResults Says... 8 years ago

Really cute and easier than a bunch of cupcakes!

Rambo Says... 8 years ago

Aside from being absolutely ADORABLE I like the way you tied the leaves and vines into the bottom border. Excellent job!

jlewis888 Says... 8 years ago

Are these hard to make? could you PM me and tell me how? I love this cake.

2kiddos Says... 8 years ago


Cakeyladey Says... 8 years ago

Thanks jlewis888 and everyone else for the comments! No these are actually easy 2 make just time consuming :lol: I used fondant colored with paste colors... I made the peas ahead of time and allowed time to dry I used a 1/8 measuring spoon then rolled little balls 35 flesh colored then 70 medium green colored fondant was tinted with paste colors... I did a darker green for the pods measured out in 1/2 tsp. rolled into a oval shape then flattened with my thumb... Next continued!

Cakeyladey Says... 8 years ago

Next I then took a small brush dipped in water and went down the center of the pod, then added the air dry balls and just put them inside the pod dotting each end with water so, they would adhere together... After making all 35 pea pods I painted on there attributes with a tiny brush dipped in watered down paste colorings and allowed them to dry overnight... Hope this helped??? If you make them let me know I would love to see your end results... Goodluck!!! :D

JRAE33 Says... 8 years ago

That is too cute!!

justsweet Says... 8 years ago

very cute

Barbend Says... 8 years ago

Great Idea!! Sooo cute.

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